Welcome to NeoYork33 Coffee Shop

One of the many special coffee shops in George Garden Route

Our appreciation for distinctive life experiences has lead to the creation of NeoYork33. A place where you can be your genuine self, kick back relax with a warm cup of coffee in your hands, a delightful breakfast or lunch & your best friend (dog) by your side. Our ingredients are local and inspired from healthy and indigenous lifestyle.

Coffee Shops in george
Coffee Shops in george

Our Location

What we offer

Coffee Shops in george
We are open from 08:00 - 16:00 on weekdays

We have a selection of light breakfasts, vegetarian (healthy) meals, gourmet sandwiches, wraps & wood fire pizzas. Our goal is to achieve a fresh healthy meal that is delicious. On the desert side we want you to experience a fresh decadent taste that leave your palate amazed.

Heritage building

We are situated at one of George’s heritage buildings at York street 33 that was restored to it’s former glory. NeoYork33 as one of the many special coffee shops in George we like to ensure the taste is as perfect as possible, combined with the experience you have with us. We are a massive lover of dogs, so our front garden which you can see in the photo is where you can bring your dog to enjoy.

Coffee Shops in george

Delicious Wood Fired Pizzas

We serve pizzas from 10:00

Benefits of a wood fired pizza:

  • It enhances the flavor
  • It cooks the vegetables very quickly, that helps retain all the nutrients and antioxidants.
  • It increases the speed we can serve you the pizzas compared to a normal oven.
  • we can serve pizzas during load shedding. 

We serve thin base pizzas that are made with semolina flour, then prebake the dough to give it that crispy edge and top the tomato paste & the toppings that you’d like on your pizza with mozzarella. Being one of the many special coffee shops in George we think it would be a wonderful combination with the pizzas.

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